325 Main Street, Penticton BC

Experience Himalayan Hospitality

We would like to invite you to experience the exotic world of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Our restaurant serves real Nepalese food an curries, in a contemporary yet exotic Indian popular art setting that is always family friendly. Discover the royally of dining, its richness and grandeur at Annapurna Restaurant in Penticton. We have a wide range of dishes going back to the sixteenth century that were prepared in the kitchens of the royal Mughal emperors and cherished throughout history.

At Annapurna Restaurant, each spice is hand selected, combined and roasted for that perfect flavour. This very art of blending spices in the right proportion makes our dishes unique and distinct from each other. You will relish each flavour of spice aesthetically prepared by our chef.

Monday - Friday 11AM - 10PM          Saturday - Sunday 12PM - 10PM